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Fuzz n' Grime
with Mike Campbell
Fuzz 'n Grime will be a tight, fast paced show focusing mostly on Indie Rock and Experimental Pop. Breaks in between songs and spots will be concise to keep the energy up. I will include themes to explore early bands that started the Indie Rock movement and also themes to show Experimental Pop bands that can be seen in the summer festivals.
Time Artist Song Album
09:58pm Mission Of Burma That's When I Reach For My Revolver Signals, Calls And Marches
09:55pm Buffalo Tom Taillights Fade Asides From
09:51pm Sugar If I Can't Change Your Mind Copper Blue
09:47pm Dinosaur Jr. Goin Down Goin Down [Single]
09:43pm Bob Mould Voices In My Head Patch The Sky
09:40pm Dismemberment Plan No One's Saying Nothing Uncanney Valley
09:37pm Modest Mouse Paper Thin Walls The Moon & Antarctica
09:34pm Big Star Thirteen - Live Live At University Of Missouri
09:26pm Toe Two Moons For Long Tomorrow
09:23pm Tera Melos Weird Circles X'Ed Out

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