WMUA Executive Committee

Jules McEachern -
General Manager
Kyle Sullivan -
Glenn Siegel -
Administrative Advisor
Dan Ferreira -
Chief Operating Engineer


Jules is responsible for the day-to-day management of the station. She is senior psychology and management major at UMASS. Jules has been a member of WMUA since 2010 and currently co-hosts "2nd Floor Generator" every other Thursday at 6PM.

Office hours: M/W/F 12:30-3, Th 2:30-4

J. Kyle is a Senior Communication Major at UMass who started here his sophomore year as an anchor for the WMUA News. Now he is responsible for all programming on 91.1FM. He also supervises all board operators for the station and ensures that our programming meets WMUA, SGA, and FCC standards.

Office hours: M/W 11-2, Th 11-2:30

Glenn has served as WMUA's faculty advisor for the past 23 years. He provides a guiding hand and institutional memory, and asks pertinent questions of student leaders. Glenn also hosts Jazz in Silhouette each Friday morning from 9am until noon.

Office hours: M 12-7, T-F 10-4

Dan takes care of the in-studio audio, computer, and automation systems and keeps the transmitter running through rain, sleet, dark of night, and angry pigeons.

Office hours: MW 9-4, F 9-12

Department Directors

Matthew Thornton - Music Director Frank Nakashian - Librarian Carolyn Gorss - Audio Production MJ Donohue - DJ Training

Matthew manages all incoming music submissions. If you're an artist or promoter looking to get music on WMUA, he's the one to contact. If you're submitting music via email, be sure to include a link to a Soundcloud/Bandcamp page instead of attaching files.

Office hours: T/Th 12-2

Frank is a senior Natural Resource Conservation major and has been with WMUA since 2011. He manages the music library at WMUA, which numbers 40,000+ albums in several formats.

Office hours: M 1-3, W 2-5

Carolyn manages the in-house production studio. She's the one to contact if you need a PSA recorded. She is an environmental science major in her 3rd year at UMass, and hosts Songs of the Wild on Saturdays.

Office hours: M/F 11-1, W 1-3, Th 12-1


MJ is a senior Women, Gender & Sexuality studies major with an Education minor. MJ joined WMUA her junior year. You can catch her being silly and sassy on her show Can't Slow Down. Contact her if you are interested in becoming an on-air DJ.

Office hours: M 1-4, T 2:30-3:30, W 1-2

John O'Neil- News

Despina Durand - News Jessica Burks - Visual Media James Hayes - Technical Director


John co directs the news department, engineering casts as well as finding and reporting news. He's a senior Journalism and English major at UMass. Contact him if you've got a story or any desire to learn awesome reporting skills.
Despina Durand started with the News department last year, as an anchor and a reporter. Now as one of two News editors, she is working to outdo the great work the News department completed last year. She is a junior Journalism major, and Poli Sci minor. Contact her with any questions about getting involved with the News department at WMUA.

Office hours: M/W 4-5:30 Th/F 3-5:30

Jess handles all of the art and graphics for WMUA. She is a freshman journalism major with a minor in psychology. She also has a passion for music and design, making WMUA the perfect place for her.

Office hours: M/W/F 11-1

James manages the station's website and streaming player. He's a junior Computer Science major interested in server management. He is the one to talk to with any ideas or suggestions for the WMUA website.

Office hours: M/F 11:15-1:15 W 11-12 && 1:15-2:15

John Ryan -
Sports Operations
Chris Doherty -
Sports Production
Georgia McGoldrick - Publicity Allie Haber -
Office Manager

John Ryan is a junior who has passionately followed UMass sports from the first day he walked onto campus. He is the co-host of Sports Line on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm.

Office hours: M/W 1:30-4:30

Chris is a senior double-majoring in Sports Journalism and Communications. Chris creates the program elements that give WMUA's sports broadcasts their distinctive sound. He also co-hosts Sportsline each Monday from 4:30-5:30 pm.

Office hours: M 2:30-4:30, T/Th 11-1

Georgia is in charge of making sure everyone knows that WMUA is here bringing you incredible programming. Contact her if you'd like WMUA to sponsor or help with your event.

Office hours: T/Th 11-12:45, F 11-1

Allie orchestrates the behind-the-scenes business from staff to paper clips. You can hear her voice and late night jams on Welcome to Planet Earth, Tuesdays from 2:00-4:00 AM.

Office hours: M/F 1:30-3

Andrew Desrochers -
Underwriting Director
Emily Gluck - Fund Drive Sharon Amuguni - Outreach Dee Michel -
Community Representative

Andrew coordinates, schedules, and sells the underwriting announcements you hear on air. He is a Sophomore Business Management major with a focus in Entrepreneurship and rows crew for the university. If you're interested in having your business support WMUA, please email Andrew or call our office at 413-545-2876.

Office hours: T/Th 11-1:30

Emily runs the annual WMUA fund drive and will also be happy to accept your donation throughout the year. She co-hosts Awesome Oppossum each Tuesday at midnight. Emily is also a proud member of the UMass marching band.

Office hours: T/Th 11-1, W 4-6, F 12-3

Sharon is in charge of getting students interested and involved in the awesome things going on at WMUA. She is a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Communication studies and minoring in Natural Resource Conservation.

Office hours: W 4-6, Th 5:30-7

Dee represents community interests at Department Directors meetings and will be conducting open meetings of community members before or after General Body meetings.He’s hosted a Broadway musical show on Saturday afternoons since 2006.

Visit our offices in the basement of the UMass Campus Center or call our office at (413) 545-2876. To make a request or call in and tell us how we are doing call (413) 545-3691.