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Chatting .300 (April 17)

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Josh McCawley, Alex Levitt and Mike Knittle explore the week in Major League Baseball in a lighthearted roundtable format.

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Yr Library's On Fire #8 (featuring Divya Kirti) (4/15/15)

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This week's episode features music curated to accompany the eclectic poems of UMass's own Divya Kirti, from her most recent chapbook. Listen from Midnight-2:00 every Tuesday night for more words and music! (n.b. did you ever play Seven Minutes in Heaven?)

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From the Peanut Gallery Ep. 2

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Join McCawley and Stromski, as well as special guests Levitt, Knittle, and Fitzy as they banter on a few things about college sports that really grind their gears. NOTE: This podcast contains explicit language that may not be suitable for younger listners

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Oblivion Express Guitar Greats part 1

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For guitar month, some of the best guitarists from rock jazz, blues and more

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